New Games in Stock!

A total of 32 games are now available for sale! I've decided to release these since demand has been so high. The newest batch includes:

  • Bio-Ship Paladin
  • Crusader of Centy (Japanese design)
  • Madou Monogatari: Sorcery Saga I
  • Panorama Cotton
  • Sonic 3 Complete
  • Snow Bros.
  • Star Cruiser
  • Slap Fight MD
  • Sailor Moon
  • Verytex
  • Zero Wing

These games do not yet have manuals, so I'm offering them for $5 cheaper than regular. Once the manuals are ready, they will be available for separate purchase at $5. I decided to go this route because the manuals take so long to make (and are costly!), so I can release them gradually.

Because it's been difficult to find good parts for making these repros (and prices for parts are constantly going up...), I suggest purchasing while you can.

I'm also running short on some of the games with manuals, so a few might sell out permanently soon.

Feel free to contact me if something you want is out of stock. I'll see about putting it together for you.

And I still ship international. Contact me to ask about shipping prices.


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