These are some of the comments that I have received on the internet and over email from customers (thank you everybody!). I always welcome feedback!

Just got my games in, and yes, they are of the greatest quality. For the first time, in decades, I got that excitement that came with getting a new game at Christmas or for a birthday, that excitement that made it an experience. HiSpec will be my only stop for Genesis repros going forward.  -Renmauzo (NA)

I received your items some days ago and I really want to say: thank you. Your reproductions are simply great: excellent printing quality, excellent conditions... I can really feel that you put real *passion* on it. I would like to tell you this: together with your reproductions, I placed also an order from [another site] and, initially, I was more excited for these. Now I'm asking for a refund from them because that repros are really poor, especially compared to yours. -AS

Probably the best quality repro I've ever purchased, it really feels like an official released genesis title. There's not even region lock to this, my NTSC model 1 boots to the game right away, amazing! Smooth/simple transaction too. -Thunderblaze16 (NA)

I ordered two of your games last week.  Get ready for some praises and compliments. I LOVED IT!! The game quality was amazing!!! I’ve played translated ROM hacks of the games I bought in the past, but they were never really up to snuff, yours blew the others out of the water.  The cartridge itself was sturdy and beautiful. It looked like it was a brand new game from the 90s.  Your quality prints were equally awesome.  Most reproduction have homemade stickers, but the effort you must have sunk into your print shop for quality definitely shows. The manuals and slip in the case were gorgeous and the label on the cart was pristine!!! I also appreciate the work you put into designing them from the original artwork.  Most people would have put together something sloppy from google images, the games you sold me looked like they were originals ready for the official seal and stamp.  Just wanted you to know how impressed I was with your work. -TJ

Just popping in to say how professionally done these are. Some of these titles can't really be experienced elsewhere due to being sega channel exclusives or just not having an official release in our region which is one of the main reasons these interested me. That being said these are my first reproductions and this is how it should be done. I highly recommend checking out this man’s work. I'll definitely be grabbing some more of these, seriously top notch stuff. -unseenforce (NA)

I ordered five of your repros and I'm loving them! I wanted to let you know that they are great (like you didn't know already) and that I can't wait to see what else you come out with. -MC

Very impressed with your dedication to detail. Too few repro makers commit to making something that feels of the era! -JS

Received 4 of your reproductions for Christmas from my wife. Let me just say... FANTASTIC work on these! -JH

I have to say, the quality of these carts, manuals, and cases are outstanding! -YA

I just received the games and have been playing them and they play great. I really appreciate all the work you did making the game boxes and translating the instruction booklets. The colored instruction booklets also look great. -NH